11 May 2011

To mum on mother's day

Mother’s Day is one of my most favourite days of the year. I’m not a mother yet, but I am fortunate enough to have an amazing mother to celebrate this special day with. My mum is a true inspiration and one of my closest friends. She has an admirable “know no limits” attitude and once said that if she ever got a tattoo it would be on the day she received a black belt in karate (she has a brown belt) and it would be the Japanese word for persistence. That’s my mum. So, for Mother’s Day this year I decided to do some portraits for her. The series included myself at the age of 2, my mum at the age of 1 and my brother at the age of 1. It took about 12 hours to create the finished piece as each portrait is only the size of a standard photo and the smaller the portrait, the harder it is to draw. I actually pulled all my neck and back muscles from bending over for so long! Mum really like it and it brought back some wonderful memories of our childhoods. She deserves so much more, but hopefully this is a small token of my appreciation of everything she’s done for me. Thanks mum!

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