25 April 2011

Meet my hero Tripp

I think it's fair to say that babies are pretty remarkable. Despite their tiny size, they are just full of personality and wonderment and seem so perfect in every way. Well, a few months ago, I stumbled across a blog which journals the life of young Tripp Roth. Just like every baby he was blessed with beautiful features, a charming little personality, a cheeky smile and the cutest attitude!!! Tripp also came into this world with a rare genetic condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa which causes his skin (both internally and externally) to blister and slide away with even the slightest bump or friction. It’s very painful and requires Tripp to stay well bandaged to protect his fragile skin. Despite this, Tripp has thrived and blossomed into a beautiful individual who laughs, smiles and dances. He’s an amazing fighter and a true reflection of the human spirit’s ability to endure adversity. Tripp also has another special talent; he seems to bring out the best in everyone who meets him or hears about him. Reading over his blog it quickly becomes evident how Tripp’s story inspires such generosity in people. In my line of work I’ve met many psychologists, social workers, motivational speakers, humanitarian aid workers and special education teachers with years of experience behind them, but none have been able to inspire the generosity in people that Tripp has – and he’s not even 2 yet!!!  Thankyou Tripp for your special gift in bringing out our best!


  1. I too follow Trip's blog. He is a beautiful litte boy and God has a plan for his life. I saw the pitcures on his blog that you drew of him and that is how I found you. I have a friend who lost her little girl to SIDS and she was wanting a portrait drawn of her and I told her about your drawings and how great your work was. I gave her your blog and I will give you her blog so that you can read her story if you like. This is Tabatha's blog : http://savannaswings.blogspot.com/

  2. Amazing work! Just amazing!!!! (Found you from Tripp's blog!)

  3. I also found your blog through Tripp's blog.
    Your works are so great..Wow!

  4. These capture Tripp beautifully, I'm sure his mommy would love to have them! God bless precious Tripp!!!

  5. All 3 of these are hanging over my bed:) Absolutely beautiful and something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you again!
    Courtney Roth

  6. Your work is stunning! I included this beautiful sketch of Tripp (with a link to this post) here - http://thesuitelifeoflucyandethel.com/?p=4197.