14 June 2014

Finally back to a sharp pencil

It's been a while! If only I could say I'd been bogged down with all things creative and adventurous! Not to be. My day job (of which the only art opportunities are brief moments of sketching with cheap biros during lethargic teleconferences) has been demanding most of my time. I've really only just started to sharpen my pencils very recently when my mum bought me a beautiful wooden box of Windsor and Newton watercolours as a birthday gift. Very lucky! My first memory of watercolours was at the age of 6, experimenting with giant tear drops of colour on thick, textured paper. Trying to paint a flower, I was fascinated at how the bright pink and vivid purples would bleed into each other like they were trying to help you create your masterpiece. I think watercolours are good for kids as they are easy to clean up and prefer artists who aren't self conscious. With watercolours there's no going back once you commit to a stroke, the colour sucks into the welts of the paper and claims its residency irrespective of whether its placement was intended. You forfeit the usual control you have as an artists when you can't just add a layer of white paint to hide an error. It's been a fun process and I'll use future posts to share hints, tips and tools.

Another teleconference, another doodle.

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