07 February 2011

A clean sheet of paper

For many years I had a passion to work in the advertising industry. It was a place which indulged creativity and lateral expression on so many levels that it often became overwhelming. A copywriter who was well known for his contributions to a string of successful pasta commercials, shared with me that all creativity starts with nothing more than a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil. I didn't pursue a career in advertising, instead I left to educate disadvantaged youth about drugs and mental health. Minor side-step. However, to this day all of my creative endeavours have started with a clean sheet of paper and a nicely sharpened Derwent 2B.


  1. Hi Holly my name is Sharon McKean and I am Courtney Roth's aunt and Tripp great aunt your children portraits are beautiful what would it take to have you do a portrait of Tripp from one of his pictures posted on his site. I realize you live in Australia but I would be willing to pay for shipping. Please let me know. Thanks Sharon McKean

  2. Holly, your art is stunning, and you are incredibly talented.
    Makes me a little envious. My portraits have not reached your level yet.
    As you mother may have told you, I am off to the UK to stay with my brother and his lovely wife, who just like your mother (who I have always considered my sister and her visit to LA and her stay with me healed a hole in my heart, as I always missed her) is a great friend and a sister too.
    I haven't thought about adding more art to my blog pages, they're mostly about my music business experiences and whatever I am musing about at the time.
    I do hope to come to Austalia one of these years and visit you and your mum. love ann

  3. Oh and not to forget Tristan, as I would love to meet him too.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful portraits of Tripp!! Courtney adores them!! What a treasure!!!!! She has been searching for something to put over her bed!! Couldn't be more perfect!!

    Courtney's mom
    Tripp's Grammy